About Teamona

Teamona is a pseudonym for Simona Suzuki, née Zavadckyte – a Japanese tea author and educator, whose personal goal is to make Japanese tea more open and accessible to the world.

Simona been working with Japanese tea professionally since 2013. Her tea story started with a 6 months internship at Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms – an artisan tea producer in Wazuka, Kyoto. At the end of the internship she was invited to work at Obubu and was leading its International Department for several years. 

With a small team of likeminded people in 2019 Simona co-founded and has been leading the Global Japanese Tea Association. The mission of the association is to spark new growth in the Japanese tea world through global collaboration, and the focus of which is information sharing, education and community building.

Simona is also curious about and engaged in all aspects of Japanese tea, from tea production to tea culture. She has been practicing Japanese tea ceremony since 2014 and is a certified Japanese tea ceremony instructor. She is also a member of the Japanese Tea Hand-Rolling Association, that aims to preserve traditional Japanese tea making. In 2017 Simona also published a book on Japanese Tea

This website is designed as Simona’s portfolio. Here you will find Simona’s tea publications, tea articles and tea photography. Simona’s biography is below.

Professional Tea Career
Since 2019, Cofounder and President, Global Japanese Tea Association
2013-2019, Head of the International Department, Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms

2019 Article ‘Sencha Steeped in Tradition’, Eighty Degrees
2017 Book Japanese Tea: A Comprehensive Guide

Since 2017 Japanese Tea Ceremony Instructor’s License (Tea name – Souwa), Urasenke Tea Ceremony School

Tea activities
Since 2017, Member of Tea Industry Youth Association in Wazuka, Kyoto
Since 2016, Member of the Japanese Tea Hand-Rolling Association in Wazuka, Kyoto
Since 2014, Practitioner of the Japanese tea ceremony, Urasenke Tea Ceremony School

MA Japanese Studies, University of Sheffield, UK
BA Politics with International Relations, University of York, UK