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How to Make Matcha?

Many are curious about Matcha, but a few really know how to make it and feel comfortable making it at home.
So once you have the tea powder how do you actually make it. The anxiety stems from the belief that that Matcha requires special tools or skills. That is not entirely true as there are traditional as well as modern ways of making it.

Making Matcha the traditional way, you would need a tea caddy to hold the powder, tea bowl for whisking and drinking it, a bamboo whisk and a bamboo scoop. Normally it is recommended to take 2 scoops of the tea powder (about 1g) for about 60-80ml of water.

Add the tea powder in a bowl and pour the hot water to the side of the bowl allowing the water to swirl around the powder. Move the whisk around the bowl slowly to make sure all the powder is evenly dissolved. When you are ready, make a quick snap with your wrist and whisk in a straight line. Start low close to the bottom to make sure all the powder is mixed in and later raise the whisk higher to clear any big bubbles. At the end make a circle around the bowl and lift the whisk from the centre of the bowl – that will help to create a nice ripple in the bowl.

If you would like to make Matcha in a quicker and more casual way, you can also use a thermos or a cocktail shaker. Using the same proportions as above, add the tea powder and hot water into a thermos and give it a quick shake. That’s it. Pour the tea into a cup and you can enjoy a hassle-free Matcha right away.

At the end I would also like to give a few extra tips for having an even more enjoyable experience with your Matcha. Sift your tea powder before making it. It will help to avoid clamps and will give a smoother experience. Using hot water (80-90°C) will help to create more foam. Also to ensure Matcha keeps its good qualities and lasts longer, keep it in a cool place, ideally in a fridge.

Happy times with Matcha!

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