National Japanese Tea Hand-Rolling Competition

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In the middle of November, the annual National Japanese Tea Hand-Rolling Competition took place in Yame, Fukuoka. It was 22nd time the competition was held and 31 team from different tea regions competed in it. Before the national competition each tea producing region usually hold a regional competition to select 1-3 teams to represent the region […]

Yame Tea in Fukuoka

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Fukuoka is a large and famous tea producing are in Japan. Historically it is said to be one of the first areas where tea was planted in Japan. The story says that Sefuri mountain in Fukuoka was one of the three locations, where tea seeds, brought from China by the Buddhist monk Eisai, were planted […]

Yabe Tea in Kumamoto

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Many have seen Kumamon – the famous red-cheeked black bear mascot of Kumamoto prefecture. Few know that Kumamoto makes a decent amount of Japanese tea. Currently it ranks No.9 in Japanese tea production and is responsible for a quarter of Tamaryokucha – curled Japanese green tea common throughout the whole Kyushu island. Kumamoto is also […]

Kirishima Tea in Kagoshima

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Kagoshima is one of the main tea producing area in Japan. It is not a single area, though – it is divided into smaller tea regions. The biggest tea producing region in Kagoshima is Chiran, that is located on the seaside at the south of the prefecture. Other tea producing regions in Kagoshima are Shibushi, […]

Chiran Tea in Kagoshima

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Chiran is a famous tea region in Kagoshima, second largest tea producing prefecture in Japan. In Chiran tea may have been cultivated since Kamakura times, but the production really picked up at the beginning of Meiji (late 19th century). After the second world war even a kamikaze airport in Chiran got converted to farming land for […]


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While most of Japanese teas are known and drank all across the country, there are several regional teas that are only known in a specific region. Botebotecha is one of them. Botebotecha comes from Matsue in Shimane prefecture. Rather than referring to the dry tea leaves it refers to the way of preparing and drinking […]