Tea Services

Tea Speech

Tea Speeches

Simona can give speeches on various topics related to Japanese tea: from Japanese tea production and operation of a small tea company, to Japanese tea innovation and Japanese tea situation abroad. The speeches are possible in English or Japanese. In English, she has recently presented at PechaKucha Night in Kyoto. She has also given speeches in Japanese at several tea conferences. If you would like to invite Simona to give a speech at your event.

Tea Training

Tea Training

Simona also holds tea seminars and workshops to introduce to and train about Japanese tea. She has created a Japanese tea education program for Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms – Japanese Tea Master Course and has been giving tea seminars and workshops in Japan and abroad. Some of the more recent workshops focused on Japanese tea kinds and brewing techniques as well as the importance of water quality to Japanese tea. She can provide training on Japanese tea form a beginner to advanced level.

Tea Consulting

With the all-rounded experience in Japanese tea production, business and culture, Simona is able to consult on a number of topics: from tea selection to brewing techniques, best business practices and more. If you are developing a new project with or related Japanese tea do not hesitate to contact Simona for advice.